Dra. Concepción Rodríguez-Fourquet

Estudio sobre la ecología y biología de poblaciones del juey común Cardisoma guanhumi. Se estudia la abundancia y estructura de tamaños de los jueyes para relacionarlo a los factores que son de importancia para la sobrevivencia de estos. También se está estudiando la coloración del carapacho de Cardisoma guanhumi, buscando que factores ambientales, si alguno, determinan la coloración del carapacho.

Dr. Steven A. Sloan-Puschaver

Fields of interest/specialization: population biology, conservation of endangered species, plant demography, plant-animal interactions, life-history evolution.

My lab´s current research is focused on determining the effect of old world monkeys on new world plant communities. Two old world monkeys, Macaca mulatta (Rhesus) and Erythrocebus patas (Patas) have become naturalized in the South West of Puerto Rico in an area of high species endemism. We are particulary interested in seed dispersal and seedling establishment and the impact these produced primates are having of the local plant community.

In addition, we collect annual demographic data on Plumeria alba, a common dry forest, stem succulent tree. We are particularly interested in factors that may regulate population dynamics: resource limitation, herbivory, pollination limitation, microsite limitation for seed germination. Current efforts are underway to analyze 12 years of demographic data to better understand the temporal and spatial dynamics in Plumeria alba population in Guánica, Puerto Rico.