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MSCHE Annual Conference 2012

» A Campus-Wide Approach to Reforming the Leadership Governance Model

» Accountability Transparency and Collaboration- Conducting a Self Study in a Wiki

» Accreditation Abroad-NYU Abu Dhabi

» Assessing Student Learning to Improve Programs- Explaining, Understanding and Anticipating Reactions to Change
» Best Practices for Gainful Employment and Default Management
» Best Practices in Change Management
» Contents
» Cultivating a Culture of Institutional Renewal
» Enhancing Academic Oversight of Concurrent Enrollment
» Evidence Based Management- Techniques and Strategies for Using Assessment for Acieving Overall Inst. Effectiveness.ppt
» Fulfilling Standards 12 and 14 in a Liberal Arts College
» How to Successfully Navigate the Substantive Change Process
» Implementing MSCHE Expectations for Assessment
» MSCHE Expectations for Follow-up Reporting
» MSCHE Expectations for Governance
» New Jersey Assessment Consortium
» Perspectives on Accreditation
» Role and Responsibilities of the ALO
» Supporting What Faculty Do Best- Teachers, Scholars, Researchers and Critics Take on Assessment
» Transitioning to Evidence-basedPlanning as the Foundation
» Understanding Expectations for Financial Reporting and Documentation

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