La Oficina de Acreditación de NCATE del Programa de Preparación de Maestros de la universidad de Puerto Rico en Bayamón (TPP-UPRB) es la responsable de recopilar la información para evidenciar el desarrollo y el aprendizaje de los candidatos a maestros de Educacion Fisica y Pedagogia(Preescolar y Elemental), en cumplimiento de los estandares de NCATE y los programas especializados: NAEYC, ACEI, and NASPE.

The Office of NCATE Acreditation of the Teacher Preparation Program at the university of Puerto Rico - Bayamón (TTP-UPRB) is responsible for the collection of data to evidence the learning and development of the teacher candidates in Preschool, Elementary Education and Adapted Physical Education, in compliance with NCATE standards and specialized Programs: NAEYC, ACEI, and NASPE.

What is NCATE ?

The National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) is the profession's mechanism to help establish high quality teacher preparation. Through the process of professional accreditation of schools, colleges and departments of education, NCATE works to make a difference in the quality of teaching and teacher preparation today, tomorrow, and for the next century. NCATE's performance-based system of accreditation fosters competent classroom teachers and other educators who work to improve the education of all P-12 students. NCATE believes every student deserves a caring, competent, and highly qualified teacher.

NCATE is a coalition of Member Organizations of teachers, teacher educators, content specialists, and local and state policy makers. All are committed to quality teaching, and together, the coalition represents over 3 million individuals. The U. S. Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation recognize NCATE as a professional accrediting body for teacher preparation. NCATE currently accredits 670 colleges of education with nearly 70 more seeking NCATE accreditation.


The TPP-UPRB responds to the mission of our Institution and that of the University of Puerto Rico system. The mission of the TPP-UPRB intends to facilitate the development of highly qualified, responsible, and ethical learners, teachers and researchers who are committed with social transformation through a humanistic perspective.


The TTP-UPRB is a diverse active learning community. It facilitates the development of intellectual candidates committed to social justice from a social-humanistic perspective.

Teacher Candidate Program

The conceptual framework of the Teacher Preparation Program at UPRB is in alignment with the mission and vision of the institution (UPRB) and with that of the University of Puerto Rico system. The core principles of the TPP-UPRB are embedded in the conceptual framework and are based on a vision of the teacher as an intellectual, education as a reflective practice, and the acknowledgement of diversity in education for the achievement of social justice.

Conceptual Framework

UPRB - Teacher Candidate Competencies

1. Knowledge and appreciation of the diverse artistic and cultural manifestations, among the Puerto Rican culture and its bond with other cultural manifestations.

2. Management and knowledge of the language in its diverse manifestations.

3. Learning with an understanding about the disciplines, as well as their bases of knowledge.

4. Capacity to analyze and put into practice knowledge concerning human development and the processes of learning and teaching, which cover ethical, inclusive and diversity aspects.

5. Critical commitment with his or her learning and professional development.

6. Ability to reflect critically about knowledge and the application of techniques and strategies.

7. Thoughtful use of assessment strategies.

8. Connection between general education and the process of teaching.

9. Disposition for the reflection and reformulation of ideas concerning learning and teaching during his or her participation in diverse educational experiences.

10. Capacity to develop a democratic and inclusive learning environment centered on the interests and talents of the students, where they exhibit mastery on the use of techniques, educational strategies and assessment, which include the integration of technology.

11. Competitiveness toward the reflective and critical practice of education where practical and research-based knowledge is integrated.

12. Leadership, appreciation and celebration of diversity when advocating for the needs and strengths of the student, his or her family and the community.

13. Disposition to work in teams with other educators, professionals in fields related to education, families and community groups.

14. Understanding the political and social nature of education.

15. Ability to reflect on beliefs and attitudes; while understanding how these influence their educational endeavor and develop the capacity to understand the beliefs and attitudes of others.

Teacher Preparation Program UPRB Unit-Level Pass Rate on Teacher Certification Test and Comparison With StateWide Pass Rate Data

Year 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009

(UPRB Preschool/Elementary and
Adapted Physical Education)





81 103 76 101
Pass rate

Pass rate
Pass rate
Pass rate
Pass rate
Pass rate
Pass rate
Pass rate
Pass rate
Pass rate
Part A: Fundamental Knowledge and
Communication Competencies

Minimum Passing Rate since 2007: Part B - 92



91% 87% 96% 86% 89% 85% 95% 88%
Part B: Professional Competencies -
Elementary Level

Minimum Passing Rate since 2007: Part B - 89


88% 96% 91% 89% 88% 85% 85% 95% 90%
SUMMARY PASS-RATE 83% 80% 89% 81% 86% 77% 82% 79% 92% 82%

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