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Dr. Elio Lozano

University of Puerto Rico at Bayamon 


Department of  Computer Science


Office: CC5
Phone: (787) 993 0000 Ext 3305


Web Page:

Physical  Address:
Department of Computer Science
Industrial Minillas 170 Carr 174,

Bayamón, PR, 00959

Current Projects

Teaching Courses


ˇ         Virtual City Generation

ˇ         Smart Buildings

ˇ         Image  Processing


ˇ         SICI 4009

ˇ         SICI 4066

ˇ         SICI 4029


ˇ         Torque Game Engine

ˇ         Visual Basic

ˇ         Unix/Linux

ˇ         C++

ˇ         Parallel Computing

ˇ         OpenGL


About me

Challenging projects

Old Projects

B.S. in mathematics at UNSAAC         (1996-2000)


M.S. in Scientific Computing at UPRM     (2001-2003). 


Ph.D. in Computer and Information Science and Engineering at UPRM (2003-2006)


ˇ         Multiuser Desktop

ˇ         Wireless networking for large access points

ˇ         Building costless High end mini-cluster

ˇ         Online Payments and Transactions

ˇ         Human level Compiler Design

ˇ         Automatic, Virtual World Generation


ˇ         Kitchen visualization

ˇ         Radial Basis Functions

ˇ         Simulated Annealing

ˇ         R-MPI

ˇ         Parallel Kernel density classifier

ˇ         Meta-classifiers

ˇ         Meta-clustering

ˇ         Parallel Outlier Detection Algorithm

ˇ         3D star coordinates

ˇ         Genetic Algorithms

ˇ         Neural Networks

ˇ         Support Vector Machines

ˇ         Text mining





ˇ         SIDIM 2011

ˇ         ICDM 2011

ˇ         MLDM 2011

ˇ         Introduction to OpenGL 2012

ˇ         Faculty Research day 2012