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     BenchGraph is a GPL licensed open-source console application for Linux. The name BenchGraph stands for "Benchmark Graphics". BenchGraph is a lightweight tool written using Java with a simple objective, and it is to convert plain-text results into graphics. BenchGraph was built based on an open-source web server benchmark called HTTPERF. At the time, BenchGraph supports HTTPERF and OLIO v0.2 output. BenchGraph consists of taking a Comma-Separated Value (CSV), Extensible Markup Language (XML), or Text-based (TXT) file from HTTPERF and a XML file from OLIO as input and graphing the data stored therein. Benchgraph uses JFreeChart, an open source graphing library for Java, to create the graphics. With this data and graphics BenchGraph creates an HTML Web page making the process of analyzing cleaner and also easier.